Friday, May 14, 2010

One of Grandma Keener's Houses

I don't remember this particular house - Grandma Edna Keener moved from it before I was born.    But she lived there for a few years, and apparently it was situated on a good sized piece of property on a now very busy, very built-up intersection...   one of those pieces of property that you can say "gee, too bad she didn't hang on to that."   In reality, they may not have owned this home at all.  I cannot find any Maryland Land Records for the purchase of this location,  or a record of sale of it when they purchased a home in 1964 and moved a bit further into rural northern Montgomery County.   Grandma did trouble herself in the 80s to take another photo of the corner after the house had been torn down and the 'progress' was moving into the area.  She obviously had an attachment to the place.

In her photos, I found a photo of the home, taken in 1945 with an unknown group of people on the front porch.  

Then in 1960 she took this photo...

Granddad Anderson loved to grow vegetables and large flowering bushes, apparently he had plenty of space to do so when they lived here.  Here's a view of the yard and road.

If you have ancestors in Maryland that may have owned property, you should certainly check out the Maryland Land Records site.  You'll have to register and obtain a password but the site is free and it's a great tool to track property sales in Maryland counties back to the 1700s in some cases.


  1. Isn't it great to have these old photos? I only wish that more of them were still around and that they all were identified. It's so sad when you see abandoned photos for sale at auctions and such.

  2. What a beautiful house! Too bad it was torn down. Great photos!

  3. Great sharing !! fun to see photos of those beautiful old homes.