Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Back To School!!

As is noted on the front of this photo:
The Fourth Grade Class
Rockville, Maryland Elementary School
(click image to see larger view)
This photo was probably taken around 1949 or 1950
The young man with the circle around his head on the left is Vernon Keener
He was my Uncle and the second born son of Edna Keener
Vernon was born Sept. 29, 1939 and died June 12, 1997

Friday, August 21, 2009

Contact the blogger and maybe find a cousin!

So often I look at my traffic meter and see that someone has entered one of my ancestors full names in a search engine and found my site, payed a visit to my blog and yet, I didn't receive any communication from them. How many couples are there named "George and Honora Keener"? How about "Mary Matilda Henderson"? Any idea how frustrating that is? Especially when it's maybe a family that you're having a little trouble with, or a family that for whatever reason has lost touch. I keep looking at feedjit thinking "Why can't you tell me how to contact that person who came by?".

It truly pays to blog about your genealogy. Yes, I've been slacking on my blog posts lately but that doesn't mean that I've not been busy! I've been contacted by THREE - count 'em THREE cousins during the past two weeks! These were all people I knew existed of course, but hadn't been in touch with for years, or have never been in contact with directly myself. It truly is rewarding to have them reach out to me because of my little blog.

So, to my cousins that I'm now communicating with (you know who you are) - Thank you so much for reading, please keep coming back. But most of all, thank you for sending that first email and please do keep in touch!

To all those who might come across a blog with a name that you searched - unless you're ABSOLUTELY positive it couldn't be the same family - send an email! You never know, you might find a cousin!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I've got a small pile of photos here - mostly from the 1930s and 1940s, all borrowed from my parents so that I can scan copies of them and try to make sure that those who want copies can get them and those that are interested can see them... the frustrating thing is, many of the folks in these photos aren't identified. Sure, lots of them are but every now and then I come across a photo of people that I've not seen in any others.. "oooh a new person" I think to myself or "I wonder who these other people are". These are the ones that get me. So, since I've not posted for a few weeks I thought I'd share one of my frustrating photos with the world (or at least those who happen by for a read).

The writing on reverse: Leonard Anderson sitting down and two cousins

Two cousins???? which two??? Are they Andersons or Quicks or what???? UGGGGGH! Grandma what were you thinking? Anybody out there recognize these guys? Can anyone tell me when this photo might have been taken? I have no earthly idea!