Thursday, April 22, 2010

Time is Zipping By!

The past week has flown by and today I realized that I haven't posted since last Wednesday.    Not much happening with my research right now (I've not had time to do much) and I don't have any real updates on the items I've been working on.  The two orphan photos have not been claimed by the families and I've not had time to research them any further.   The flea market "cousin" appears to be from a different line of my Husband's family, but I've made a great connection with another researcher of that family and we plan to keep in touch for future finds.

On my quest to obtain my Uncle's WWII medals from the Ministry of Defence.   After my little mishap with the post office it seems that my request finally arrived safely and they've sent me a letter stating that it may take several weeks to get his records pulled and researched prior to determining if medals are due to him.   So we wait a bit longer.

Sorry for the absense, spring is here, school activities are stacking up (I just love how they cram all the activities into the end of the year!) only about 7 weeks left till summer break. Everyone in the house has had a cold and there are chorus shows, field trips, special activities, track meets, practices, dances, picnics, fundraisers, talent shows, tryouts, and the all important prom coming up...  I'll try to squeeze in more posts when I can :)


  1. I can relate!! I always feel like I'm just treading water trying to keep my head above water until school gets out. And it doesn't get any easier when the kids get older.

  2. Oh, yeah, that time of year.... Some years it really did us in. Now that older daughter's in college, we get a big of a break (except we have to pick her up). Enjoy the kids and then go crazy with genealogy this summer!

  3. I agree, april went so fast. Deadline of anytype get to me. [Spring planting, spring cleaning] Trouble is everyone has the same problem and they all don't want extra time during the summer either?

    Michelle, when they were small, I thought it would get easier when they get older, but it's not the case. just different perspective. and darn, I am older. fun is fun when snatched though. enjoy