Monday, April 12, 2010

Military Monday - An Update

I posted a few weeks ago about my attempt to obtain unclaimed war medals for my Uncle John Bellew, who fought with the British Army in WWII and was killed in France.  

Today's update is that my post office personnel mistakingly attached a $.44 cent stamp to my envelope and after a little more than 2 weeks it was returned to me for postage...   going to ENGLAND..    apparently she didn't notice that little detail on the envelope and because I was purchasing other postage I didn't do the math and didn't give it another thought...   uggh how frustrating...   live and learn.    


  1. Anonymous12/4/10

    Ugh, that IS frustrating! Whenever I bring a letter to the post office, I always specifically say, "This is going to England (or Italy)", so they have NO excuses... Unless they're working and sleeping.

  2. Oh, that's so sad. If it had been a bill, no big deal (except for the late payment) but when we're anticipating receiving genealogy help -- well, that's another thing completely. I hope you get a return very soon.