Thursday, March 5, 2009

More Memories of Home - Margaret's Envelope Post 7

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Another item from Margaret's Prayer Book today - the memorial card from the funeral of her father, Hugh McCann, here's what I know about him:

Hugh McCann was born in about 1866 in Preston Lancashire England, and died Jan 24 1914 in Preston as well. He was the son of Patrick McCann and Cahterine Byrne (both from Ireland).

Hugh married Alice Ann Smith (b. abt 1867, d.1904) also of Preston. The couple had the following children, all were born in Preston.
Elizabeth McCann b. 1888
Catherine McCann b. 1890
Alice Ann McCann b. 1894
Margaret McCann b. 1896, d. 1968 in Adams, Massachusetts.
Ellen McCann b. 1897
Mary Agnes McCann b. 1899
James Francis McCann b. 1903 and d. 1903

I do not have much more information on Hugh. I do know that by the 1911 census his wife had died and he was still living in his household with his daughters. He died in 1914 and his grandson Hugh Bellew was born in 1916 - named for his Grandfather.

I also do not have many details at this time about all of Margaret's sisters. My newly found cousin is busily sharing her research informaation with me. Elizabeth married John Mee in 1911, Catherine married John Aspin and came to the U.S. and Alice Ann never married. I do not have details on the lives of Ellen and Mary Agnes at this point.

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  1. I've been following these posts with fascination...what a treasure trove you have and all so very interesting. Thank you for sharing!