Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - A Cemetery in The Woods

I have wanted to visit the Keener Cemetery in Grafton, WV for some time and in October I finally had the opportunity to do so.   While I was only able to "visit" for about 10 minutes, it felt wonderful and yet sad to finally be there among the ancestors that I've spent so many years chasing down.   My Dad and I often talked about going out there - I really wish he was still here so I could tell him all about it.

The cemetery is on a piece of property that has long since left the hands of the family, but the couple who now live there are glad to share their driveway and directed me up a path in the woods.   Upon finding it, I wondered how much longer it will be able to be found...  

Many stones are broken, having given way to trees that have grown up among them.  But in these woods are my 3rd great-grandparents and two sets of 4th great-grandparents, in addition to many other relations that I have yet to figure out. 

There are other researchers of this family who have worked hard over the years to document the burials here.   I believe they have documented 75+ and many of them return to clean up and clear away the overgrowth.   Its a wonderful thing to know that others visit these woods for the same reason I do, and I hope to return soon, when I've got a bit more time to spend.


  1. I enjoyed your post. This reminds me of the family cemetery at my in-laws in upstate NY. They have an old family cemetery in the woods on the edge of a corn field. These old cemeteries kind of bring you back in time...

  2. I love these cemeteries in the woods. I've been spending lots of time in one lately and I cherish every moment. I'm sure your dad was with you that day.....

  3. WOW....very interesting. I was in Grafton, WV back in July, having driven down from Morgantown. Great find...congrats.

  4. This is wonderful - such a beautiful setting. I had my first "ancestral cemetery" visit in September - there is simply nothing like it.