Friday, November 12, 2010

Extended Family Friday - For My Leeming Cousin

I recently have been following some leads in the public trees on Ancestry.   Just this week I made a connection with someone who is related to my Leeming family.    Apparently this cousin's tree had been created by a friend and put on the site.    While I've not spoken to this cousin directly yet, I know that they'll be visiting my blog and so I wanted to post this photograph, taken around 1911, of our common Leeming ancestors. 

I didn't scan this photo myself, so I don't have a larger one to offer at this point, but most all of the folks in this photograph have been identified by living family members so I wanted to share it with you - my new found 3rd cousin 1x removed.

We are unaware of the occasion of this photo, but it appears to be the coming together of two families so it could possibly be a photo taken at an engagement party for my Great Grandparents, Sarah Roe and Joseph Leeming.

First of interest is the older gentleman on the right, sitting with the young lad standing in front of him - this would be our common ancestor, Mr. Walter Leeming, b. 1860 in Dewsbury, Yorkshire England, d. 1925 in Easthampton MA.   The lady in black standing in the far right of the photo next to him is his wife, Martha Ann Rayner Leeming b. 1861 in Yorkshire England, d. after 1920 in US.  

This couple was married in 1882 in Yorkshire and left England for Canada sometime after the birth of their first son John b.1883.  They had four more children while in Canada  (Sarah Hanna b. 1884 d. 1886; Joseph b. 1886 d. 1950;  Walter Frederick b. 1889, d. 1890; and George b. 1892).  The couple and family then moved to the US in 1899 and had another child in abt. 1904, Hannah.  Three of these children are in this photograph.

Standing directly behind Walter is one of his sons (and my new cousin's great great grandfather) John Leeming, and next to him is his wife Helena.  I am told by my grandmother that Helena was from Germany and had a very heavy accent.   This couple's son (and my new cousin's great grandfather) is Walter Leeming, b 1908 - he's the young boy in the photo standing in the front with the Grandfather that he was named for.   That's three generations of "new cousin's" family in this photo.  The young lady sitting on the ground on the far right is the youngest of John's siblings, Hanna or Annie.

The man in the left side, standing between two women is my great grandfather, Joseph William Leeming to the right of him is his wife, Sarah Hanna Roe, and the lady on the other side of him is her mother, Jane Fountain Roe.   The older man sitting on this side of the picture is George Roe, father of Sarah and also Rachel (the young lady kneeling on the far left).

The two people in the very back of the photo are not identified. It was thought that possibly it was George Leeming, however he was hospitalized for most of his life and would not have attended this function.   It is possible that they are also relatives, but to date we have not figured out who they are.

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