Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Think We Need "The Locator" Troy Dunn

As I trudge along with my research, exploring new connections, finding cousins and just enjoying the hunt one nagging question keeps coming up with my Mom and Grandmother.. "What ever happened to Hugh?   Can you find out where he went?  Have you gotten any leads?"    the answer is always the same...   "No, I can't find a thing on this man!"

I have been posting to message boards, family forums, name specific areas on the web...  n o t h i n g!   I do regular searches, hoping to somehow magically find him in the databases.... n o t h i n g!!!   great big zero, zilch...  did this man exist?  I've been looking for 15 years! 

So, as fall is here and I've again been looking, maybe posting AGAIN to the message boards and forums, the question remains...   What happend to Hugh Bellew?   As you can see on the right of my blog, I've all but begged for someone to help.  Someone, somewhere must have come across this fellow. A search of the web produces lots of hits - most of them my message board postings from over the years.   He is surely passed on by now...  but who knows?    Born in 1916, he'd be 94 this year.   How does someone just drop off the radar?   The family last heard from him in the 50s.  To their knowledge he wasn't married...  maybe he never had any children - again, who knows?   Maybe he changed his name. Maybe he was killed in an accident and didn't have identification.  Maybe he left the country and we're not looking in the right places.  Maybe...   we need "The Locator", do you think Troy could find him?  Aside from hiring a private eye, we're at a loss.

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