Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday Shout Out - Visits and New Follows

A few other bloggers that I regularly read are doing month end shout-outs to other bloggers who have left comments on their blog during the month.  I believe it was Apple of Apple's Tree who started this regular post - thanks to her for a great idea!   I don't always get the computer time necessary to keep a running list or put one together for a full month, so I think I'll try weekly or every-other-week post on this because I think it's a fantastic idea and also great way to share other blogs that readers may not have seen yet - I myself visit many blogs by looking at what everyone else is reading.  I took it a step further and added a list of the blogs that I just started following this week. 

So, to my followers (I just reached 90 this week!) and anyone who happened by (reached 5000 hits this week!) Thanks so much for reading and for letting me know you stopped by!!!

Ruth of Genealogy Is Ruthless Without Me
Jenna of Desperately Seeking Surnames
Lori of Genealogy and Me
Mary of Mary's Musings
Becky of My Genealogy Pondering
Lindalee of Flipside
Cheryl of Heritage Happens
Michelle of The Turning of Generations
Wendy of  New England Genealogy
Cindy of In My Life
Harriet of Genealogy Fun
These are some of the blogs that I began following this week -
Stardust 'n' Roots
Are you My Cousin?
A Root Digger
Genealogy is Ruthless Without Me
Of Trolls and Lemons
Climbing My Family Tree
Journey to the Past
Roots and Branches


  1. I've seen this on Apple's blog too. Great idea! I'll be doing the same!

  2. Cindy,
    I too like the idea. There are so many great blogs that it is difficult to keep up, so I sometimes depend on my fellow bloggers to point the way.

    I also like your "You might like this also" list at the end of your blog. I still dinna know how to do that, so maybe in the future.

  3. I love this idea too Cindy...I had come across it on Apples blog and liked the idea then, non genealogy life got in the way and I had forgotten about doing the same...thanks for the wonderful reminder!

    It's a wonderful way to check out blogs that at times you may miss catching up on.