Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Research Trip Postcard

First let me say that I write this post with complete LOVE and AFFECTION for my McCann line cousin in England.   That being said - I am SOOOO jealous! 

You see, my cousin just took a research trip to Ireland, researching our Byrne family line in Foxford, Co. Mayo.    For me, this would be a trip of a lifetime and prayerfully I too will be able to visit the towns of my ancestors some day.  For now, I'll have to let my English cousin rub it in that she's there, eating yummy food and scouring the countryside for clues and tasty tidbits of information that's she surely has dug up. 

Thanks so much for the postcard, and for thinking of me!   Love you!


  1. Cindy - you have been awarded the Ancestor Approved award for your great work on your genealogy blog...please stop by my blog and pick up the award and then post the below information using the format I used when receiving it.

    The Ancestor Approved Award asks that the recipient list ten things you have learned about any of your ancestors that has surprised, humbled, or enlightened you and pass the award along to ten other bloggers who you feel are doing their ancestors proud. Here are the 10 things I have learned from my ancestors.

  2. Cinday,
    I really enjoy your blog, and I just nominated for the Ancestor Approved Award. You can pick it up here.

    Now I see you have been nominated before. I tried to look at all the blogs first so not to repeat the award but I didn't look at the comments. I should have know you be hit!.

  3. Lisa and Mary - Thank you so much for thinking of me for this! I certainly appreciate it and thanks so much for reading! -cindy

  4. Yeah, I get that visit the old country envy too. But at least you get to see all the data that comes back and the post cards etc. I am sure those that go suffer a little guilt too!
    Great blog as usual.