Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Project

Okay, so I'm not a scrapbooker... not in the cutsie die-cut adding scrapbooking way. But, I really wanted to make a book for my Mom about her family so I sat down with everything I knew that was interesting and pulled out all the documents I had, photos, stories and such and I got to work.

I was not planning on making a book of everything I knew about her whole family, but rather her Father and his immediate family, so I started with his parents.

The first page was an introduction and their marriage certificate, that's where the story began. I then gave information about their travel to the US, how the family was seperated for a few years and how one of her uncles was left in England.

After a page for each of her grandparents, I then created as many pages as needed for each of their sons, obviously her father I had a lot of information for and he ended up with 6 pages.

I created the book for my Mom back in 2008 and have just completed one for her brother (shhh, don't tell - it's a surprise) and will send it to him soon. I just wanted to share a few of the pages here.


  1. I think you did a GREAT job on this Cindy - it shouldn't look 'cutesy' as you say.

  2. Very Nice. I agree I'm not a big one for all the scrapbook stuff either. I like the more contemporary look of a coffee table book.

  3. Great Scrapbook! I'm sure she enjoyed getting this and so will your uncle.

  4. wow, those are great. When I get to it, I would like to do something like that. Nice blog. thanks for adding as a follower over at arootdigger.

  5. Cindy, I am a scrapbooker but nothing "cutesy" on my pages! :) I lean toward the vintage look which you nailed! Great job!