Thursday, October 1, 2009

Treasure Chest Thursday - Grandmas Plates

Grandma Keener was a collector of things. Mostly glassware items that I'm assuming she picked up at yard sales and junk stores. But I know for sure that she really liked plates - I remember as a kid always wondering why she had them hanging on the walls in her home.

Years later when she died, I saw them again, carefully lined up in boxes at my parents' home. I am now the proud keeper of Grandma's collection of plates. While I don't have them displayed on the walls in my home, I do have a few out here and there. Someday I hope to display more of them.

One thing my Grandmother did with her items was to label them. The label on the back of this one is a piece of masking tape, stating who she received the plate from, and when. She received this plate for Christmas in 1944.
Hard to believe that she wrote "old" on the label and now I'm looking at it 65 years later.


  1. Thanks for posting that Cindy. I'm new to blogging, and was looking around for ideas. Someone wrote, to find a treasure, you first have to look - and you've helped me at that. Thanks! Many blessings.

  2. I just found some of my great grandmother's plates. They've been boxed up for at least 50 years! One of them has her sister's name on the back. Pretty fun.