Thursday, October 8, 2009

Treasure Chest Thursday - A Locket?

We're not exactly sure where my Grandmother obtained this item. As I mentioned in my last Treasure Chest post, she frequented yard sales & flea markets. At any rate, we found this in my grandmother's things when she died, and of course the prospect of it belonging to one of my ancestors means that I'll hang on to it until I know otherwise.

The chain is odd, it's very short, meaning not necklace length, almost too short to go around a neck - it's more like the length of a watch chain, and the 'locket' thing is about 2" tall - a bit large. What would someone have done with this? Anyone know?

There is a small area on the front that appears to be for putting someone's initials or other small inscription.

There are two photos inside, they're not marked in any manner and they're not recognized by anyone we've shown them to. I may never know who these people are or if they're even related to me.


  1. Very interesting. In my post Leaving Denver, the lady on the right has a locket that has a short chain that hangs off to the side. It maybe connected to the short necklace but I can't tell.

  2. Anonymous9/10/10

    Perhaps it hung on a chatelaine? Looking forward to more rummaging in Grandma's jewellery box! Jo