Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun

Thank you Randy for another fun filled Saturday Night! Tonight's Genealogy Fun is about your inspiration to do Genealogy. The specific question asked is this: What event or person inspired you to start your genealogy research?

This is part of a post that I did back in November, when I didn't have any readers so I figure no one would mind the re-post.

Did you know that we're related to....

Ok, we've all got some weird family story that has supposedly been passed down for generations - mine just happens to be that one of our relatives was "BORN on the Mayflower" - mmmm talk about making a child's mind race! Come to think of it, this very well could be the genealogy bug that bit me, way back when I was like 10 years old! Grandma told me this story and it stuck with me... one of my relatives was born on the Mayflower. Come to find out we weren't pilgrims - not that I can prove anyway - I've not found a connection in my line (yet :-). Some of my family certainly were among the "settlers in the new world" - they were indentured servants with a 10 year debt to the person who paid their passage, not pilgrims! Like Randy, a death was the catalyst for my research beginning, when Grandma died in 1995 I just HAD to know where she came from.

Off to chase down another mystery!

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  1. Interesting stuff this Cindy. No wonder you wanted to pursue it.
    Ok mine was that we are somehow along the line, related to The famous scots poet Robbie Burns.
    I know you know all of this as you helped me begin my search. I shall do more on it sometime in the future but as you know i have other current things taking up my energies right now. But i soooo love to come and read your wonderful work taking us back in history.
    Hugs June xxx