Friday, May 8, 2009

May & Leonard... and lots 'o kids!

In May's story we left off where she had gone to DC to be with Leonard. It was December 1928 when she received the letter from her sister Marie. I am now at the point where I began this story, the death of May's first husband, Clarence Keener on January 6th, 1929.

After Clarence's death, May and Leonard married on January 16th. As I mentioned previously, at this point May was already pregnant with her 4th child, Virginia. Below is their marriage certificate.

Already having three children from her first husband, all born in close succession of each other, May and Leonard had several more. Here are all the children born to May

Edna Keener b. Feb 11, 1924; d. Jan 17, 1995
Pauline Keener b. Jun 1, 1926; d. Jun 26, 1980
Russell Keener b. Oct 1, 1927; d. Jun 4, 1991
Virginia Anderson b. May 1, 1929
Charles Anderson b. Apr 27, 1930; d. Jun 13, 1987
Carr W. Anderson b. Aug 6th, 1932;
Twin Baby Anderson b. Aug 6th, 1932; died during or shortly after birth
Richard Anderson b. Oct 24, 1933

Can you imagine having 8 children in the span of 9 years? What a woman she must've been! I know that most if not all of the Anderson children were born at home in DC where the family lived for some time.

This is a photo of May, it says she was age 30 at the time of the photograph, this would be sometime in 1930.

I only know details on a few of May's children's lives and will share those in my next post - The finale of May's Story.


  1. Cindy...

    thanks for the comments you left about my blog! I'm glad you enjoy it. I've been following May's story since the beginning and it's been a fascinating read. I really enjoy seeing an update from you.

  2. What a family tree !! That is a lot of children in a short span. My paternal grandmother had nine children. How did they do it ??

    Which brings me to say . . .
    Hope you have a great one !!

    All the best,

  3. I enjoyed reading this story. 8 Children in 9 years. WOW! I think she might be the reason we have Mother's Day. However I did find a relative on my tree that had 25 children and most were 1-2 years apart! Her photo was magnificant.