Thursday, May 7, 2009


In the words of Greta at Greta's Genealogy Bog: "COOL X2"
Greta recently mentioned my blog in a post showcasing many of the blogs she reads regularly. And, for the second time this week I've been given a blog award. This time it's the Friendly Blogger Award 2009 - Thank you Greta for thinking of me (as "friendly" :-)!

I am to pass this award along to 7 other "Friendly Bloggers" which wasn't an easy task. Most bloggers I've "met" are very friendly - but some have really reached out to me, helped me along the way, or go out of their way to help others.

Randy at Genea-Musings
June at Art Freebies
Tabby at Crooked Heart Art
Kate at The Kathryn Wheel
Harriet at Genealogy Fun
Lorine at Ask Olive Tree Genealogy
Amy at We Tree


  1. Awww Cindy my lovely warm and definitely friendly friend. Of course you deserve this award more than anyone else i can think of. Thanks so much for thinking of me too. I am truly thrilled to have this one ... its special and i shall add it immediately and pass it on later .... THANK YOU
    Hugs and special friendship thoughts
    June xxx

  2. hi cindy
    awww thank you!!
    how nice of you
    heres to a great weekend and a wonderful mothers day :)
    x's & o's
    tabby :)

  3. thank you, Cindy - you made my day! It's great to be appreciated.

    Cheers -- Randy

  4. Cindy - thank you thank you thank you!
    Getting a blog award makes my day :-)

  5. Wow,Thanks for the award!