Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Standing:  Pauline Keener Harrington b. 1 Jun 1926; d. 26 Jun 1980
Joe Harrington (husband of Pauline)
Vernon Lewis Keener b. 29 Sep 1930; d. 12 Jun 1997
girl:  Sally Watkins b. 14 apr 1947; d. 15 Feb 2001
Blackie the dog
John Jerry Keener b. 14 Jul 1942; d. 22 Mar 1983

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  1. Look at that great old car. Love all the expressions too. I've given you the Ancestor Approved Award. You cover so much so well in this blog. You can learn more about it and get the image at this post on my blog:
    I didn’t see the Award logo on your site. If you've already received the award, and I missed it, well here ya go again. No obligation to redo the list nor find 10 more blogs.