Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday's Obituary

Born Nora Jemima Elizabeth Hott, on Sept. 5th 1873 in Hampshire County WV, she was the daughter of Mary M. Henderson and Samuel William Hott. 

On October 31, 1891 she married Benjamin Lee Shanholtz (NO doubt a distant cousin but who's counting?) and had three children; Mandel, Charles, and a daughter named Ida.     I am unaware of what became of this marriage, but do know that she married another man, Raymond Franklin Roles prior to 1909.   From this marriage she had three children; Archer, Edward and a daughter, Virgil.

In 1910 she was living with her husband Raymond and their children in Aquia, Stafford, Virginia.   In 1920 the family was in Providence, Fairfax, Virginia.  In 1930 Nora was living in Washington DC with her sons Edward Roles & Charles Shanholtz and her widowed sister, Sally Anderson.

This is the only photograph that my family has of Nora.  She is standing in the photo below.  Seated is her sister Sally (my Great Grandmother) and an unidentified child in Sally's lap.    The date of this photo is unknown.


  1. What a fabulous old photo. I love the dresses and hats-- and the expressions. Don't you just wish you could crawl in there with them and have a conversation? Seeing this lovely young woman and reading the obituary with it -- just poignant.

  2. I agree that this is a great old photo. I particularly like some of the detail that is visible - the netting on the hats and the bric-a-brac trim on the jacket. Lovely!