Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Photo Booth Pics

Earlier this year I undertook the huge task of scanning most all the photographs that belonged to my grandmother Edna Keener and her sister Pauline Keener Harrington. 

One thing that I quickly noticed was the stack of various of small photographs, many of which were school photos of children in the family, but not all of them were.  I noted that some pictures had strange backgrounds, or that the people were looking "not ready" for their snapshot.   These pictures were from photo booths and what a treasure they are!

I recently saw a post from a fellow blogger entitled In Strips of Four by Nancy at My Ancestors and Me.  While I too had thought of doing a post related to the photo booth pictures I had found in my collection, she beat me to it!

So here's my collection of photo booth pictures.  Taken at what appears to be various stages of my Aunt's and Uncle's late teen / early twenties.  I don't have many from the same strip, only a couple of my uncle that appear to be from the same day.    In an age where we simply hold a camera in front of us and get an instant picture that we can take again and again, it makes me smile to see them change poses in what must have been a few seconds.   Some of them even appear as if they were "made up" for the picture taking. 

Mildred Seek Anderson - my great aunt

The following photos are all of my Aunt Virginia Anderson.   Virginia was born in 1929.   I haven't any clue when any of these were taken, but obviously she loved to visit the booth and share the photos with her sisters.

This one is of my Uncle Charles Anderson.  Charles was born in 1930.

These two are of my Aunt Pauline Anderson Harrington. Pauline was born in 1926 and it's obvious that these two photos were taken sometime apart.

 I've got one of my Grandmother, Edna Reba Keener. Edna was born in 1924.

Finally, there are two of my Uncle Russell Garner Keener. Russell was born in 1927. These are the only two that I've got from the same strip.


  1. nice! these photo booths were popular in the 50's and 60's too. I have a couple pics I should dig out and post too.

  2. Oh, I love your photo booth photos! They are fabulous. Don't you love how you can scan those tiny photos, then make them huge on a computer screen?! You can see so much detail that way. Great photos of your ancestors!