Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday

Another wonderful gift from a cousin found by blogging.   This showed up in my email box yesterday - just in time for Tombstone Tuesday. 

This stone is located in Preston Cemetery, in the town of Preston, Lancashire, England.  Following are the ancestors listed:
Catherine (McDermott) Bellew (my 3rd great grandmother);  b. 1837, d. April 7, 1898
James Bellew, son of Catherine;  b. 1869, d. Aug 1870
Mary Bellew, daughter of Patrick Bellew, granddaughter of Catherine;  b. 1897, d. Aug 13, 1898 
James Bellew, husband of Catherine (my 3rd great grandfather); b. 1834, d. Oct 15, 1905
Mary (Bellew) Sharples, daughter of Catherine and James (my 2nd great grand aunt)  b. abt 1866, d. Feb 25, 1939
George Sharples, husband of Mary Bellew Sharples, b. abt 1868 (I cannot make out the death date on this stone but it appears he was 72 or 77 years old so that would be abt. 1940-1945)

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  1. Dear Cindy,

    Anthony and I were so surprised to see your comment. Thank you for your kind words. Wow! How long ago was Fusion?

    Looks like you are busy with 5 children and all your work with your family history. I love that somehow you found us... thank you for taking the time to comment so that we could touch base.

    Much blessings!