Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sharing a little Blog Love

While I'm still not blogging regularly and I've not touched my research in more than two months, it's nice to know that I came to mind when others were sharing some blog love by passing along the Happy 101 Award to me.

Thanks so much to Harriet at Genealogy Fun and Thomas at Destination: Austin Family

So the rules are that I must list 10 things that make me happy...
All of the blessings in my life, my children, husband, parents and siblings.
Spending time with my family doing something fun yet simple
Waking up before all the kids and enjoying my coffee all by myself... just for 10 minutes
Warm snuggles with a just woke from nap 2 year old
All of my research, even the frustrating moments Baking cookies with my kids - all kinds of cookies
Snow - the more the better, as long as I know it's coming
Sifting through old photos over and over again
Chocolate & Coffee - almost a tie here. Sometimes I drink them together!
Finding a new cousin through blogging

Now I must pass this along to 10 other bloggers:
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