Sunday, December 21, 2008

Saturday Night Fun at Genea-Musings

So I've spent the last few weeks reading up on Genealogy blogs and making some friends in this new world (to me). I had heard of Randy Seaver's blog and seen posts related to his Saturday Night Fun on other blogs but never had joined in the "fun". I took a break from some research tonight (after a LONG day of baking with the kids) and checked out his blog Genea-Musings and I'm sure it's one that I'll be a frequent visitor to. For the Saturday Night Fun this weekend, Randy did a "History Edition" as he put it - tasking us with finding some facts in history about the date we were born. I got my answers for both questions at ProGenealogists site in their Free Tools area. I must say, I had no idea the list of historical items I'd find for my birthday month & day. We were asked to list 5.

1. What day of the week were you born? Monday
2. What has happened in history on your birth date (day and month)?
03/11/1702 - 1st English daily newspaper "Daily Courant," publishes
03/11/1823 - 1st normal school in US opens, Concord Academy, Concord, Vt
03/11/1892 - 1st public basketball game (Springfield, Mass)
03/11/1942 - 1st deportation train leaves Paris for Auschewitz Concentration Camp
03/11/1974 - Mount Etna in Sicily erupted

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