Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Who's in your Pedigree?

Fortunately for me, I have a pretty good idea who's in my pedigree, on one side of the family anyway. This is a pedigree chart of my Grandfather, William P. Bellew. I've done pretty extensive research on this side of my family and as I said, fortunately my findings have been many. Not true for everyone, as I have found on my Paternal side, all is not what it seems and you can't always track down that one person who can link it all together. So the search continues.

As you will notice, every generation back doubles the number of people you're looking for. The next generation on this chart will have 16 people, the one after that, 32! Also, every generation adds yet more surnames to your search for ancestors (on the female side, when you can find the maiden name that is :-). Often women are hard to track because their names change but luckily for me, they were in England and the records are availble to me and the marriages could be found, enabling me to take another generational step back to her parents.

Enjoy my family chart and if you're interested in completing your own pedigree chart, you can view and save a pdf format one here. See how far you can get!!

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