Thursday, November 27, 2008

Got old photos? Identify those people!!!

Today I want to share a photograph of my great-grandmother May Kidwell's sisters. Pictured are Marjorie and Ethel Kidwell, two daughters of Silas & Bertie (pictured two posts below). They're all dressed up, hats and all, and don't you just LOVE the shoes?

My Grandmother, Edna Keener, had this photo among her things. Although her mother died when she was only 9, she held on to the very few things that her mother had from her family for her entire life. Amazing really, considering that she lost all contact with the family shortly after her mother's death, and was raised by her stepfather.

This photo had writing on it, which is how we identified it - a gem that many don't have. Which brings me to today's "Tip" ALWAYS, ALWAYS identify people in photos! New and old (make sure you're using photo safe pen). If you've got old pictures of unidentified people, someone older in your family might be able to tell you who those people are. Get in touch with them, send copies if you have to - don't let the identity of those people slip away when someone passes on. If your parents have a box of old photos (don't they all?) spend an afternoon identifying them and while you're at it, get the story behind the photos. If you identify them now, and have a family tree showing how they 'fit', it'll be a treasure for your children's children.

I don't have any idea what the occasion was in this photo and every time I look at it I wish I knew. But, I am happy knowing the identity of these two ladies, so it's not just another old picture in the box.
Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

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