Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Walter Leeming - Death Notice Found

Another fab find at the NewspaperArchives today!

Walter Leeming, my 2nd Great Grandfather who came to the US via Canada in the late 1890s has always been on my 'to do' list for finding a date of death. I knew he was still living in 1920 but found his wife as a widow in 1930, and honestly I hadn't investigated much further to find it. Today the newspapers came through for me again when I found this small write up:

So, if this was in the paper dated Tuesday Sept. 22, 1925 that would make his supposed date of death Saturday Sept. 19th, 1925.

Even if you can only subscribe for one month (which is what I've done) I suggest that anyone who has even small success in the 'free' areas of NewspaperArchives try it out for a month. I had a few successes in the free area, and I could see that there were clearly other articles that contained my family info which were not part of the free subscription - shameless they are in hooking you! But, for me it's been well worth the one month fee and I will get everything I can during the next 3 weeks!

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  1. I just discovered the Newspaper Archives when I read Grace and Glory a few days ago. I went there and found my grandfater's brothers obit. So far that is the only thing I've found but I'm excited and keep looking. Maybe I'll try the l month.