Monday, February 23, 2009

Update your Message Board Posts - It really does pay off!

I must say that I'm VERY excited! Tonight I was contacted by my 2nd cousin 1x removed. She is related to me through the McCann family. I have been reaching out for some time on message boards and forums, trying to find a McCann family member in the area of Preston England. Tonight I finally made that connection!

Here's my Great Grandmother
Margaret McCann Bellew
b. Feb 1896 in Preston, England
d. Dec 1968 in Maryland, USA

Margaret would be my new found cousin's Grand Aunt. This photo of Margaret was taken in Jun 1959. I have a few things that belonged to Margaret and will begin a short series of posts about Margaret's Prayer Book and it's contents in the next few days. Tonight I wanted to share this photo - the only one we have.

To all of you researchers - Go back and update those posts on the forums and message boards! John Neill mentioned this a couple weeks ago on his Genealogy Tip of the Day blog (see post here), it's very important to keep those posts current - how many times have you responded to a post when you realized that it was 2 years old or more? With email addresses often changing, people are much more likely to reply to a post that is more recent.


  1. Anonymous23/2/09

    How exciting to find a cousin! I have a terrible time keeping track of my message board posts--he's impetus for me to keep better track of them because clearly they pay off! Congrats!

  2. Great idea. I also change my e-mail address so often, I need to update that information, too.